Rev Tod Wilkinson

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Jesus Is Lord

I got saved on December 2, 2001 after realizing I was lost and that my life was out of control and I was having thoughts of suicide to make the pain stop. Being full of rage and anger and having no peace I had nowhere else to turn then I heard the Lord say trust me. My life has not been the same sense I made that decision. I am thoroughly convinced the only thing worth pursuing is salvation through Jesus Christ.

I have been involved in helping people with codependency issues for over 20 years I share my experience strength and hope with others who are in the same position that I was for many years. I am thoroughly convinced that God has a plan for all of us. That plan is salvation through Jesus Christ.

Ordained on January 9, 2008 and since then I have been following Gods guidance in ministorial opportunities as they present themselves.

Seeking God’s guidance through biblical application I believe that we can all be set free and have the peace that surpasses all understanding.

I offer a God given biblical application for all who suffer from life’s hurts habits and hang-ups



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